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Choose a Plan


Choose a Plan

Connect with like-minded people to share stories, lessons and knowledge that will give you the motivation and encouragement to write your own great story, daily.


Your Story Is Meant to be Great

Our membership is a mix of ages, careers, passions and just about every other variable you can expect from a diverse community of unique and inspiring humans.

The common theme is that we've all made the decision to live our own great story.

One of the strengths of our network is the diversity of experience and perspective you can draw on to take the next steps in your story.

What's inside?

🗣Dedicated Conversation Space

LIVE A GREAT STORY is a distraction-free space for convos about how to live a great story.

📚Collaborative Learning

Peers, not gurus. We're all on our own journey and no one has the right answer. But we can share our stories, experiences and lessons learned to help each other. 

We host community roundtables, flash masterminds, and virtual conferences to encourage conversation and invite new ideas into our space.

🤝Intentional Conversations

Connecting the community is the coolest. It's amazing to see members offer advice and support for developing ideas,  overcoming current challenges or taking things to the next level.

💻Online Classes

Get insider access to our growing list of digital classes for all chapters of your story. Find your next book, podcasts or education opportunities. Live Q&A with featured guest speakers.

The Essential 6

Every month we focus on a theme from The Essential 6™️ that includes discussions, daily thoughts and growth challenges.


Connect with really inspiring people

Shared Values
LIVE A GREAT STORY people see the world filled with the opportunity to write their own story.

Meaningful Conversations
The right conversations create space for the clarity and personal understanding required for you to confidently move forward in your story. 

Impactful Lessons
Don't make the same mistakes as others. Learn valuable lessons that will help you avoid mistakes and accelerate your story.

Digitally and In-Person

Stay in touch digitally through the app or connect in-person at local Austin events and soon to be in cities across the country.

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